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Bringing therapy to where it matters the most! 

Does your child
get the support he needs?

Homegrown Therapy grew from the limited efficacy of clinic-based treatment. It is a new approach to pediatric therapy that flexes to meet the needs of children AND their families in their natural settings.

Tailored Therapy at Homegrown Therapy Alaska: Nurturing Your Child's Skills in Natural Settings

At Homegrown Therapy Alaska, we are occupational therapists with over 30 years of combined professional experience.  We have successfully implemented a wide range of “tools” specifically designed to treat children (and sometimes adults).

We Specialize In The Following:

We offer a variety
of treatment approaches


Natural settings provide opportunities for Homegrown Therapy Alaska and families to stimulate and soothe all the senses, allowing for significant therapeutic results.


What better way to influence positive outcomes than to treat children at home, with their families, and with their available tools and resources.


Whether at the Grocery store, playground, or workplace, Homegrown Therapy Alaska can see the outcomes for ourselves and recommend helpful strategies because we are in a real situation.

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When Quick And Busy Attention Is A Gift

I was talking with a parent at the park drop-off, and off he ran as he often does with transitions into sessions. I couldn’t quite make out what his destination was this time. Lots of slush and an open field